Friday, December 20, 2013

Book review

     Today is December 19, 2013. We just finished our 4th novel The  Best (worst) Christmas pageant ever written by Barbara Robinson.  The main characters in this novel is the Herdmans.  The way I would describe the Herdmans is dirty. The one thing that surprised me about the 
Book is that the Herdmans wanted to be in a Christmas pageant.  A few character traits I found in this novel is the Herdmans are mean and  disrespectful.  My fovorite character in the story is Imogene Herdman because she is cool. We are going to read the sequel to this novel The Best (worst) school year over break.  I'm looking foward to reading this book because it looks like a interesting book.  I think this book was good because it has kind of a lesson In it.  If I could have one of the Herdmans as my friend it would be Imogene because she is unique.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's the scoop

      Today is Friday, November 15, 2013 and the weather is getting colder.  We have been working hard in math.  We learned new divisibility rules.  Divisibility is when you pick a number and see if it is divisible by 23456789 or 10.  We have also learned to find the Greatest Common Factor. In order to find the GCF you need to pick two numbers and find all the multiples of those two numbers then you find the same and the biggest number of the multiples.  Are number of the day is 33. We take a number and make different ways to make that number.            
     Mrs. Binge's 6th grade class is selling snack passes for $1.00. The money that they raise goes to Growing Strong and Habitat For Humanity.
       Congratulations to the following students that made the Durfee Basketball team Tyler, Kaderius, Jacobe, Kamilian and trelyn.  Their first game is Tuesday at the DISC at 3:45. 
      Our next states and capitals test is Wednesday,  November 20, 2013.  I am. Currently studying to take my capitals test.  I am sure I will do great. There is a song on you tube that we have been using to help us with are states. I really like that song.
      We have  also been studying lots of vocabulary words.  Each week we make flash cards, work on sentences, graphic organizers and made videos on our iPads.  My favorite word we've learned so far is predict.  The definition of predict is to see or hear something before somebody or something else.
     Our holiday program is December 12 at 12:45.  The 5th graders will be singing Jingle Bell Rock and  We Will Jingle 
     In reading we are reading Loser by Jerry Senellie.  The book is about a kid that never gets mad and is always happy and doesn't care if he wins or loses.  I like this book because it inspires you to never get put down by somebody else.  
     I really hope the durfee basket ball team wins I hope you all will be there SEE YA!!! ,

Friday, November 8, 2013

My poem

                                                                  Cats and dogs

                                                                    Cats are just like dogs.
                                                                     They eat they poop the scratch they claw
                                                                     Cats and dogs have pads on their paws.
                                                                      They rip the tear they have furry hair

                                                                      So just like I said
                                                                       Cats are just like dogs.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shiloh book review

Today is Thursday October 24, 2013.  We have just completed our second novel Shiloh.  The protagonist in the book is a kid named Marty.  A protagonist is the main character. The antagonist is a guy named Judd. An antagonist is the character that goes aginst the main character.  The main conflict  in the story is when Judd abuses his dogs and Marty has one of Judd's dogs.  The resolution in the story is when Judd gives Shiloh to Marty.  My favorite part of the story is when Judd gives Marty Shiloh.  My least favorite part of the book is when Shiloh got attacked by the German Shepered.  If I could be any character in the book I would be Marty because he is nice, cool and caring.  I would recommend somebody to read this book because it has a lot of life lessons in it like never lie be nice be friendly and be generous. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Here's the Scoop from room 12

Today is another HOT day in room 12.   It's Wednesday September 11, 2013.  the temperature says it's 95 degrees right now.  The hardest part about being in the school when it is hot is when we have Gym inside. This week we will be taking two district test in Reding and Math.  I think I did very very good.  
We have been reading Maniac  Magee the best part of the book so far is when Maniac and Grayson had Christmas together, I really didn't like it when Grayson past away.  
We have been working on Plot Character and Setting  while reading Maniac Magee.  
Plot is a series of events that takes the character through a experience or change.  
Character is  people or animals in a story.  
Setting is where or when the story takes place.    
We will be taking a States test on September 25th . I'm sure I will do great on the test because I love states.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To My Blog

Hello my name is Austin. I'm in the fifth grade at Durfee Technology Magnent School. This year we are a class of bloggers! we will be using this blog to share things going on in the classroom stay tuned!